30 Day Gut Happy Meal Plan

Eating healthy can feel difficult. The reason? You know you need to create healthy meals...and have no clue where to start.

Understanding that meal planning is hard enough, I've created a 30 day Gut Happy Meal Plan to help save you time, frustration, and give you everything you need to create delicious, gut healthy meals for any time of day.

This meal plan is straight from my own kitchen, and has been compiled over the years to give you the best recipes I know. I am proud to share it with you and your family.



The struggle is a result of poor eating habits, stress, lack of nutrients, and toxins that snowball into gut health issues, unstable blood sugar, and chronic inflammation. This meal plan is created to help get your gut health back in check with 30 days of meals mapped out for you, along with recipes to help you execute it daily.

Meal Planning Made Simple

Forget stressing out on what to make for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This day-by-day meal plan featuring gut healthy, nutritious food, and simple food preparation will get your gut happy in no time. No more stressing on what to make - just follow the plan!

Recipes That Nourish

With half the battle met in the meal planning, the other is with meal preparation. Coming up with recipes (especially healthy ones) can sometimes be challenging. But, I've included all my favorites, making it easy for you to follow the plan, and serve delicious, gut healthy meals.

About The Author

Inspirational speaker and holistic health coach, Kim Wilson Pollock, is a cheerleader for people who hunger to feel good and live well. Having woken up and reclaimed her health at the age of 30 after her mother’s untimely death from ovarian cancer, Kim is on a crusade to shine a light on what constitutes true wellness and equips her audiences with practical strategies for eating real food, eliminating dieting and aligning their values with their nutritional choices. As hip as she is full of heart, Kim is an audience favorite with college students, women, entrepreneurs, Christians and the health conscious. With her unique blend of wit, wisdom and wonderful storytelling, Kim has shared her life changing nutrition and wellness advice with media including FOX, CW and MindBodyGreen.com.